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JAMES is comprised of music and media industry professionals who bring specialist knowledge and experience to The JAMES Course Accreditation Scheme, careers advice and support for universities, students and parents.
JAMES is an ‘Industry Accreditation Body’ and a recognised PSRB ‘Professional Statutory and Regulatory Body’ for higher education courses registered with UNISTATS reference ‘ACC 10101’.
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University of Greenwich gains two new JAMES accreditations.

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Salford accredits BSc Sound Engineering and Production.

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New accreditation at Ulster University with BSc Creative Audio.

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Technology in Music Education. Click for free member-only resources.

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Hearing damage is irreversible; learn about conservation.

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Student Minds is the UK's student mental health charity.

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JAMES has collected a few wellbeing and life-skill resources.

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The JAMES Business Guide full of industry contributions.

The Music Producers' Guild (MPG) and the Association of Professional Recording Studios (APRS) had for many years discussed university education on the basis of 'are universities' facilities representative of a professional studio' and 'does this degree course realistically prepare the student for work in the media industry?'

In 2006, an agreement was formed between both parties to create Joint Audio Media Education Support (JAMES), made up of representatives from each association with the aim to offer industry-based advice, support and course accreditation.

As Government requested increasing links between education and industry, JAMES Course Accreditation is viewed as a marker of added-value and quality which provides assurance to prospective students, parents and employers.

'Creative Industries Supporting Education.'
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Image courtesy of Steinberg.

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Producer & JAMES Co-Vice Chair Phil Harding.

Assessed by industry professionals, the JAMES Course Accreditation process is designed to endorse relevance, quality and continuing innovation throughout the student curriculum - the Industry Seal of Approval.

The facilities, the programme of study and the quality of student work are reviewed alongside a confidential, open discussion with current students and recent graduates.

Vital elements within our assessment process include the university's acknowledgment of student wellbeing and hearing protection. The strategies and support processes employed to manage the mental and physical stresses are a key factor in 'surviving' a degree course, that can be employed to handle pressures experienced whilst working in the media industries.

See JAMES Accredited courses here.
JAMES is proud to claim affiliation with an impressive range of media industry professionals representing sound and film production, performance, business and management. They each bring years of ‘in depth’ and ‘current’ industry experience to JAMES Accreditation and contribute extensive knowledge to the assessment process.

During the inspection visit, along with the ability to gauge a course's 'relevance' to industry, our professionals are very happy to informally discuss and advise on media industry topics with the students and course team.

View the list of JAMES assessors here.
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Vocalist / songwriter & JAMES Co-Chair Rita Campbell.

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Producer George Shilling, artist James Passey and students at the 2019 GDF Summer School -
University of South Wales.

Introduced in 2010, JAMES with the Gus Dudgeon Foundation (GDF) created a five-day recording/production session designed for hand-picked students from JAMES accredited courses. Tutored by an 'established' producer/engineer, the idea was to offer a taste of the 'real world'.

Seen as a great success, JAMES and GDF have continued offering annual Summer School events hosted in universities across the UK, each one led by respected professionals including Phil Harding, Greg Haver, Romesh Dodangoda, Ken Scott, Simon Gogerly and George Shilling.

Encouraged by the knowledge and experience gained by the attending students, in 2018 we teamed up with the University of Suffolk at West Suffolk College and initiated the JAMES Orchestral Recording Sessions (JORS) to specifically prepare for, and record a live concert performance with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

For more Summer School information, click here.
A deep understanding of current industry practice is a key element of vocational qualifications. JAMES offers a two-way corridor between industry and education with its numerous relationships and connections allowing access for educators and students to working professionals from a wide range of media industry arenas. Industry has opportunities to advise on degree course evolution.

Through JAMES' Regional meetings, course leaders and lecturers from JAMES Accredited courses are invited to attend events held in industry locations allowing an opportunity to experience industry at work. A few examples of past locations are AMS Neve in Burnley, the British Sound Library Archive in London and Parr Street Studios in Liverpool.

This relationship also offers employers access to a pool of graduates from recognised, industry relevant courses via the JAMES Graduate Database.
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Image courtesy of AMS Neve.

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